Learn How to Apply for Mpesa Till Number also commonly referred to as ‘Buy goods & services’ on Mpesa Menu.

Mpesa’s increasing popularity among businesses as a preferred choice of payments collection & remittance has been key to a high onboarding across SME’s. Mpesa has in return made the onboarding process more friendly as compared hassle experienced before. Literally, you had to make several trips to the Safaricom shop.

How to Apply for Mpesa Till Number (Buy Goods & Services)
How to Apply for Mpesa Till Number (Buy Goods & Services)

Good news! You can now do the entire process online! Nevertheless, you need a few documents ready.

  1. Scanned copies of your national ID (back & front separately)
  2. Copy of your business registration certificate or Business permit

Once ready, us the following link to get started on the Safaricom’s registration portal.


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